Prospective Students (INTERNATIONAL)

International Students’ Services
The International Students’ Services is a unit of the Students’ Affairs Department. The aim of this unit is to look after the special needs of our international students. This unit has been set up specifically to address the needs of our international students to ensure a smooth transition into study life in Malaysia.
Some of the special services offered are:
2) Visa services – Application and renewal
3) Accommodation services
4) Settling down – Assistance in setting up of bank account, advice on travelling around KL.
5) Student clubs and associations
6) Advice on handling culture shock
7) Special student events throughout the year
 Step One – Application
Please submit the following to the MARKETING DEPARTMENT (International) at least 4-6 weeks before your intake date.
Completed Application Form
2) Completed Accommodation Application Form
3) Eight (8) sets of passport-sized photographs
a. Coloured on white background; 1 inches x 2 inches (4cm x 5.5cm).
b. Name & passport number written on the back.
4) Three (3) photocopies of Applicant’s Passport.
a. ALL PAGES including blank pages using A4 size paper.
5) Certified True Copy of High School Results certificate
a. Transcripts of O-Levels, A-Levels, SM3, highest qualifications or equivalent.
b. Must be certified by the relevant authorities such as the Justice of Peace, School Authorities, etc.
c. If the documents are in languages other than English, they MUST be translated to English and certified true copy by the relevant authorities.
6) One (1) copy of completed Health Examination Medical Report (valid within 3 months before registration), attached with all the original laboratory results and chest X-ray film and report.
7) No Objection Certificate for Sub-Saharan students.
The Malaysian Immigration will not issue any Special Pass for applicants who are in Malaysia with a Visit Pass. Therefore, if an applicant’s Visit Pass expires before the Student Pass is issued by the Malaysian Immigration, the applicant will have to leave Malaysia.

All the above documents must be mailed or couriered to:
No. 19, Jalan Belia, off Jalan Raja Laut,

50350, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: +603-2698 6761

Fax: +603-2692 8353



 Step Two – Assessment Of Entry
Upon receipt of ALL documents, GOON College will then assess the applicant’s qualifications for entry. If the student meets the requirements, GOON College will scan and email a copy of the Letter of Conditional Offer to the student.
 Step Three – Accepting The Offer
To accept the offer, students are required to TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER a Registration Fee of RM1200 plus USD35 for bank charges to the bank account given below. Any balance left after bank charges are applied will be credited into the student’s tuition fee account.
The Registration Fee is not refundable under any circumstances.
After completing a Telegraphic Transfer (TT) please write your name & “Marketing Dept” on the front of the TT slip and FAX it to Fax: +603-2692 8353 or SCAN the TT slip with your name written on the front and email it to

 Step Four – Visa
The documents will be submitted to the Malaysian Immigration Department for Visa processing.
Visa Application usually takes 6 – 8 weeks to be processed.
Upon approval of VAL (Visa Approval Letter) from Malaysia Immigration Department, GOON College will scan and email a copy to the applicant.
The Applicant must then Telegraphic Transfer the FIRST Semester’s Fees PLUS USD35 for bank charges to GOON College. Any balance left after bank charges are applied will be credited into the student’s tuition fee account.
After Telegraphic Transfer (TT) please write your name & “Marketing Dept” on front of TT slip and FAX to +603-2164 9630 or SCAN the TT slip with your name written at the front and email to
Upon receipt of payment of the First Semester’s fees, GOON College will then mail the Letter of Offer and Visa Approval Letter (VAL) to the student.
 Step Five – Arrival
Please email your flight details (Flight number, date, time & which airport terminal KLIA or LCCT) at least 5 days working days before your arrival to
Make sure you bring along your Passport (must be valid for at least another 12 months at time of your arrival) and an Original Copy of the Visa Approval Letter or Valid Entry Visa.
The student needs to fill in the Disembarkation Card provided by the airline crew. Please keep the card stub.
On leaving the airplane at KLIA, the student should board a “sky-train” which will take the passenger from Terminal C to the Baggage Reclaim & Immigration Terminal. Do this immediately and do not roam around or go shopping.
An GOON College representative will await students arriving at KLIA at Immigration Counter 40. However, those arriving at LCCT, Sepang, Kuala Lumpur must wait at Immigration Counter 10.
Immigration Policies for International Students
International students are required to comply with Immigration Malaysia. Please adhere strictly to the requirements to minimise delay or problems.A passport or travel document with a minimum six month’s validity is required to enter the country. You need to obtain an approval letter from the Malaysian Immigration Department prior to entering the country (this will be applied by the university on your behalf). The university representatives will receive you at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and help you process the stamping of the student pass on your passport after arrival.

Necessary Documents 
– 3 copies of student’s passport (All pages)
– 8 photographs (passport-size) of applicant
– Personal Bond (signed by college) for every student (Rate of bond varies from country to country).
Students who wish to change colleges after they have obtained visas will need to obtain approval from the Immigration authorities. Please bear in mind that foreign students are not allowed to work in Malaysia during their course of study.The country also imposes exchange controls. This means that you cannot bring in a large amount of Malaysian Ringgit. You are advised to bring in your country’s currency and exchange it once in Malaysia for Ringgit or use Traveller’s Cheques. You will be required at the Malaysian airports to declare the amount of currency that you are bringing into the country.Extension of student pass
Bring your passport to International Student Centre (ISC) at least 60 days (approximately 2 months) before the expiry date of your student pass for processing. If students do not complywith the 60 days’ renewal period, an admin cost will be charged according to the number of days before the passport expires.

No of days before expiry date
Admin Charges (RM)
59 – 30
29 – 14
Less than 14
Fill up the student pass and Immigration forms provided by ISC staff. The supporting documents that you need to provide are:
1 passport-sized photograph
Receipt of tuition fee payment (one year for one-year student’s pass)
Receipt of medical insurance payment
Immigration fee for student pass (the fee varies from country to country)
It will take 2 to 4 weeks for the Immigration to process your application for extension and another 2 to 4 weeks to put the sticker on the passport. Overall, it takes about 2 months to process the application.
The APPROVAL of renewal is subject to:
Passport – Student passport should have at least a 1-year validity.
Attendance – Student must have an attendance of equal to or more than 95% on first renewal and 80% on subsequent renewal. In addition, those who are absent for 3 consecutive days of class must provide a valid reason to Immigration.
Academic results – Student must do well in their courses. Immigration may cancel a student pass based upon poor academic results.

Less than 7 days
Student must write a letter to the Immigration explaining why the student did not renew the student pass.
2) Student must be present at the Immigration Office with an GOON College representative to submit the application form.
3) Student will receive a warning letter from the Malaysian Immigration Department.
4) Any penalties incurred will be borne by the student alone.
More than 7 days
Student must write a letter to the Immigration explaining why the student did not renew the student pass.
2) Student must be present at the Immigration Office with an GOON College representative to submit the application form.
3) Immigration may detain a student for 14 days after he/she has overstayed for more than a week. Student would need to pay a penalty of RM30.00 per day.
Second offence
A fine of RM10 000 plus a jail term will be imposed.
2) Any penalties incurred will be borne by the student alone.

Student withdrawing from their studies must report this to GOON College 1 month prior to departure, fill up the withdrawal form and obtain the signatory for the deposit refund. Students are to bring a confirmed air ticket and photocopy for Immigration processing.Processing takes up to 2 months, after which, the student will recieve the refund of the personal bond & security deposit.Any student who defers studies will have their student pass cancelled. The student must report this to GOON College otherwise a police report will be lodged to effect the cancellation of the student pass.

If you renew/change your passport, please transfer your student pass to the new passport immediately. Your student pass will not be valid in the old passport. Bring your old and new passports to GOON College so that our staff can advise you on what to do.

Students wishing to return home for a holiday or for other reasons must submit their passports to GOON College 3 months prior to the expiry date of their student passes and bring a copy of a confirmed air ticket 2 weeks before departing for Immigration processing.