Group Diploma in Accounting (LCCI)

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Group Diploma in Accounting The aim of this course is to equip candidates with the knowledge and understanding of the concepts and techniques involved in the preparation and interpretation of accounting information, understanding business situations, making decisions and solving business problem. The programme has received full accreditation from MQA and JPA. This programme is a stepping stone to a career in Accounting and Business. It is consider as an entry requirement for the UK universities. 

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LCCI Group Diploma and certificates are widely recognized around the world. Graduates are able to further their studies in any relevant programme at universities and colleges.

  • Career Prospects

The LCCI Diploma is much more widely recognized by employers in Malaysia as compared to those who start work after their STPM, ‘A’ Levels or Foundation programme. Accounting jobs such as Account Assistant, Accounts officer/Executive, Admin Assistant /Executive, HR Payroll Officer/Executive, Bank Officer/Assistant.