Foundation in Science and Technology

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Foundation in Science programme help students to continue their higher studies by providing them a platform to qualify for university entrance. Our Foundation programme is preferred by many students as it provides a smooth transition from secondary to a university degree which to prepare you for admission into a Science-related or Engineering –based degree such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Engineering in Overseas Universities. The Foundation in Science certificate is also an exit certificate course that enables you to apply directly to other universities in Malaysia. 

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The Foundation in Science programme provides the academic background in a range of interesting subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Information Technology.The Foundation in Science programme is approved by the Malaysia of Education and the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA), The Foundation in Science programme also recognized by University of Padjadjaran (Indonesia),University Sumatera Utara ( Indonesia) and Moscow Aviation Institute (Russia), University Gadjamada, Institute Pertanian Bogor, Institute Teknology Bandung, Russian National Research Medical University.


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 The continuous course work component comprises different tasks such as assignments, laboratory work, presentations and tests assigned throughout each semester. The final examination is conducted at the end of each semester. The assessments are subject to quality assurance procedures to maintain high standards and ensure fairness.