Diploma in Information Technology

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Diploma in Information Technology This programme provides you with a balance of technical and creative thinking courses, focusing on the application of information technology as it is used in the real world.It is designed to enable you to effectively deal with information technology components that have become an integral part of today’s increasingly complex business environment. This programme stresses skills development in the technical areas of computer hardware and soft-ware architecture including the design of technological information and computing systems, as solutions to business support needs. Upon graduation, you will be accomplished in the requirements of IT design and development strategies and be well prepared to face the constraints and technological challenges which face most organizations. 

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  • Education Pathway

After completing your foundation, you can proceed to do your degree in the followin gcourses:

• Faculty of Computing and Informatics

• Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) Students can choose either one of the specialisation below in their 2nd year degree

• Information Systems Engineedng

• Software Engineering

• Game development


  • Career Prospects

There is abundant of opportunity for students to get jobs as :

  • Technical Software Consultants
  • IT Administration Assistant
  • Data Processing Assistant
  • System Administrator/Support
  • Junior Software Engineeer


English I
Managing Information System
Introduction to Networking Organisational Behaviour Data Structures And Algorithms
Discrete Mathematics Database Systems Data Communications
Introduction to Management Human Resource Management Project Paper
Principles of Marketing Business Communication Computer Law and Ethics
Introduction to Accounting Internet Programming Information Systems Security
Multimedia Technology Communication Technology Organisational Development
English II Consumer Behaviour Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Information Technology Object-Oriented Programming Practices Programming Concepts And Design