Diploma in Business Studies

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 Diploma in Business Studies The programme has received full accreditation from Malaysia qualification Agency(MQA) a. has gained recognition from Malaysian Public Service Department .Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam” Student are exposed to syllabus involving Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing. With a DBS award, students can further into degree level studies locally and overseas. Operating a business is crucial and gaining knowledge in business studies is definitely a wise choice.



Pursuing Diploma in Business Administration helps students to gain knowledge in the field of business. This field of studies would be ready to lend a hand to students who are planning to develop skills related to business operation such as management, accounting, finance and marketing.

  • Career Prospects

Students will be able to choose a variety of jobs in all sectors of the economy such as Sales, Admin, Accounting, Banking, Marketing, Operation and Services. The Diploma in Business Studies is recognised by Malaysia Public Service Department “JPA” and “MQA” therfore graduates are able to get at least one year exemption in related field at all local and overseas universities