Diploma In Aircraft Maintenance Technology


Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology in Goon International College focuses on the practical and theoretical aspects of aircraft maintenance and repair including mechanical, structural and avionics related modules. This 3 years programme will help the students to prepare for a career in the aviation industry of to pursue for the higher level of studies in technology and engineering related fields.

  • Passed SPM/O LEVEL

          – Pass with 3 Credits including Mathematics & one (1) Science / Technology / Vocational Subject

          – Pass in the English

  • STPM / A-Level

           – Pass with Grade “C” in the subject

           – Pass Mathematics, English & one (1) Science / Technology / Vocational Subject at SPM Level.

  • Those with relevant aircraft engineering experience but no relevant formal qualifications will be considered.
  • Charter Airlines
  • General Aviation
  • Corporate Aviation
  • Commercial Airlines
  • Aircraft Manufacture
  • Government Agencies
  • National and Regional Airlines
  • Aerospace / Mechanical Related Industry


Theory of FlightAircraft Workshop Principles and Practice
Aircraft Materials and HardwareIntroduction to Aerodynamics
Electrical and Electronic PrinciplesPrinciples of Applications of Aircraft Mechanical Science
Aircraft Maintenance PracticesPrinciples of Applications of Aircraft Physical Science
Aircraft Electrical MachinesInspection and Repair of Airframe Components and Structure
Aircraft Electronic Devices and CircuitHuman Factors in Aircraft Engineering
Aviation LegislationAirframe Structural Concepts and Construction Methods
Aircraft Hydraulic SystemsAircraft Instruments and Indicating Systems
Aircraft SystemsAircraft Propulsion Systems
Avionic SystemsAircraft Gas Turbine Engines
Aircraft Electrical SystemsAircraft Radio and Radar Principles
Occupational Safety and HealthAircraft Gas Turbine Engine and Propeller Maintenance
Mathematics for Aircraft Maintenance 

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