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Goon International College is the longest serving institution in Malaysia. Through the decades that followed, Goon was primarily responsible for forming and bringing in British alliances into the Malaysian Education Industry. Skill based courses like LCCI and many type writing courses were popular among Malaysians throughout the 40s to the 70s. During the 80s many external qualifications were conducted through overseas affiliations. Today, after 77 years of educating Malaysia it still stands proud and tall in the center of Kuala Lumpur whilst retaining its traditional look and promising nothing less than quality education. It is also important to note the organizational structural changes that Goon International College has gone through.

Today, Goon International College boasts its longevity in the Malaysian Education industry and has carefully assembled experts from various industries to provide corporate training in creating a more productive workforce for the nation. To date Goon has been an effective training provide to renowned organizations such as GUTHRIES, BANK RAKYAT, BP MALAYSIA, and BANK INDUSTRY, KOPERASI TENTERA etc

Goon provide well-equipped facilities, such as:

• Library

• Wi-Fl facilities

• Computer laboratories

• Accommodation

• Transportation from hostel to Goon

• Student lounge and activity centre

• Fully air-conditioned lecture rooms and theatre hall




Goon International College aspires to be one of the Malaysian leading teaching and Learning Education Institu¬tions, serving the Education needs of regional, national and international Communities.


Goon International College is committed to achieve high quality educa¬tion by providing a wide range of industry driven course at affordable price. We are dedicated to enhance teaching and learning and other scholarly activities, and to continually providing outstanding environment that leads to excellent outcomes.

Why Goon

Goon International College is the pioneer and the 1st private Higher learning Institution in Malaysia since 1936, Over 77 years in the education industry, Goon Institutions has been providing quality education at an affordable price. Our teaching staff are experienced, qualified and dedicated. We have proven track record of producing graduates who are industry leaders. Goon’s programmes are accredited by Malaysia Qualification Agency and recognized by Malaysia Public Service Departments.

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